As summer approaches, many French people have already planned their holidays. The dates, the location, the route… Everything is already complete. This year again, the car should be the means of transport used by the greatest number of people to arrive safely.

You don’t have a car and you haven’t been able to find your train or plane tickets at a lower cost? Turn to rental vehicles. To get one at the best price, it is possible to rent between individuals. It will cost you 20% less than going through a traditional rental company, estimates UFC-Que Choisir.

In addition to saving money, rentals between individuals offer many advantages:

On the other hand, individuals are not authorized to rent all types of vehicles.

As soon as you hold a B licence, you can rent a car from an individual, provided that it holds a definitive gray card and an up-to-date technical inspection. On the other hand, the rental price for young drivers may be higher.

Be careful, if you decide to go through a platform, there are many vehicles that are not available for rental. Here is the list drawn up by serinitrip:

Be careful, a rental between individuals can expose you to various risks. In the slideshow below, find the 6 pitfalls to avoid.