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This week, in a task to Trisha, who’s lying on a regular basis. The second task is about the divisibility of Numbers. A lot of Fun hunting – we look forward to your feedback.

Trisha’s lying

Trisha lying in every third sentence, otherwise, she always says the truth (she lied once, she says twice the truth before you lie again). It starts either with lies or tells the truth for once, before she’s lying, or she says twice the truth, before she’s lying. Trisha thinks of a whole natural number with two digits. She says the following phrases in this order:

one of the digits of the number 2
is – the number is greater than 57
– the number is even.
– the number is less than 31
– the number is a multiple of 6
– one of the digits of the number is 4

At what number of Trisha thinks?

divisible probabilities

Eight consecutive three-digit positive integers with the following property:

for its last digit is divisible by.

Determine the smallest of these eight Numbers.

solutions, earlier follow the source of the task

The tasks Anna Beliakova, University of Zurich, will deliver you, and Dmitry Nikolenkov, Kantonsschule Trogen, supported by NCCR Swiss MAP.

The result from last week, click here. The resolution, see you next Thursday in our solution article. If you have any tips for your Miträtsler, share you below. From see you of the resolution.

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