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The sailor majorcan Paula Barceló, the past month of February was proclaimed, along with Támara Echegoyen, the world champions of the class 49erFX, is hoping to re-join his partner in the CEAR in Santander.

“Would be to go there already, but we could not get out on the water for being a class double and not being able to keep the safety distance between the two” , he said.

“The Federation is fighting to allow us to do so. Since yesterday I can already travel from Palma, where I am now, at the CEAR but we can not train in the water; I hope this may soon change” explains,

Since Monday, yesterday, in the Balearic islands entered into phase 1 of the desescalada, you can already train with a Musto (a light boat like the 49er. (the length of the Musto is 4,55 meters and that of the 49er., 4,90 metres, but with a single crew member) who is his father.

Since last April 9, he returned to Palma after having been nearly a month confined in the CEAR with the rest of the olympic team, has passed the confinement at home.

in the last few days has only been able to train in the water doing stand up paddle surfing. is “last week, the yacht clubs were closed and they opened yesterday, so I hope to be able to go out with the Musto this week.”

a medical Student, two years ago, with just 22, he left everything to join Tamara Echegoyen in the olympic project for JJ.OO. of Tokyo, achieving the olympic plaza as a team in their class.

“we Had planned a two-year campaign, and I decided to leave my career until the end of the campaign because both Tamara as I had plans; mine was to finish the race, that is six years old and I still have two left” , he says.

Says that the change of the Games to 2021 is something that does not affect you because what you have done in the campaign so far has been worth it.

“I’m enjoying so much, and now I’m not going to pay. This deferment was something that a swim was what he expected, and will affect all athletes. I think that Tamara and me, we benefit because we have done a campaign very shortly and we can even better more” .

The CEAR in Santander opened yesterday with the restrictions imposed by the sanitary protocol. We have taken all measures, but the common areas and the residence of sailors will be sealed. This represents that the members of the olympic team shall be required to reside in hotels in the city.

“I’m like, that’s what it touches, and the only thing I hope is that we authorize you to browse the classes dual to be able to go there.”

During the confinement in Palma has made a thorough preparation, especially on a physical level. is “we Had one preparer who has been much above our with a program very appropriate to what each one had in his house. It is logical that some way we have lost because it is one thing to browse and do gymnastics and the other to just gymnastics”.

What is very clear is that, “when you finish the Tokyo Games I’m going to finish the career of medicine because otherwise I’m not going to finish ever. The truth is that the campaign olympic is paying off and if you come back to give the situation would take the same decision. Have been two very intense years, with many experiences that, beyond the sporting arena, serving you for life” concludes.

Paula will be, the next year, with 25, the first sailor from the Balearic islands who will participate in a few Games after 20 years and the first female after Jose Luis Ballester were putting up a good on the JJ.OO. in Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 -gold medal in the Tornado class with Fernando Leon – and Sydney in 2000.