“Who would have thought that I would one day participate in Fort Boyard?” A dream come true for Paul El Kharrat, as he evokes in his new book Welcome to the world, published on October 12, 2022 by HarperCollins Editions. Three years after his media coverage in Les 12 coups de midi, the former champion had the chance to participate in the cult program of France 2 which rocked his childhood.

“I really like this show, I’ve been following it for a very long time and, obviously, I was excited at the idea of ​​visiting an ancient monument, a symbol of history”, says the 23-year-old from Grenoble in his book. So when Paul is called upon to team up with Jérémy Frérot, Dave, Carinne Teysandier, Elsa Fayer and Vincent Blier (Koh-Lanta, Secret Weapons), the young writer, autistic Asperger, let his happiness burst.

“I was overjoyed, I could already see myself doing the angel jump from the catwalk…”. But, instead, the production decided otherwise. “Except that the organizers confined me to the intellectual and psychological tests”, regrets the unbeatable candidate. “I was not entitled to any physical test. I would have loved, however, to dive into the snake pit. But no way!”.

Ready to take up all the challenges, even the craziest, Paul El Kharrat wanted to surpass himself in the program hosted by Olivier Minne. “But they wanted people who were afraid. Of the show!”, Exclaims the member of the Big heads. “Exit the dollhouse, the abandoned cabin, the jump of the angel… I had the right to the mummy, to the slaïme and to a duel against Blanche and the father Fouras”, details the one who excelled against the old wise by correctly answering one of his riddles.

However, Paul El Kharrat has very good memories of his time in this building lost off the coast of Charente-Maritime. While waiting to be able to try his luck again on a next adventure, he shared some photos on his Instagram page.