At 42, actress Lola Dewaere has established herself as one of the leading actresses on the small and big screen. On her Instagram account, followed by more than 45,000 Internet users, Patrick Dewaere’s daughter shares her daily life, her ideas and, in a way, a part of herself. A platform that allows him to stay close to his fans, as she had declared in The echoes in may 2022.

“It’s not so much to show myself but I really like the interaction with people, even the “haters” I welcome them, and then I created a loud-mouthed character for myself. It’s not opportunism but I believe that my status as an actress allows me to say what I think on certain subjects such as the anti-covid vaccine or animals“, she had declared. As she revealed in the rest of this interview, her beginnings in the cinema were not easy. “My agent forced me to run all the castings. I did dozens of them without being taken, it was a hell of a school: I had potential, I was told, but I lacked ease in front of the camera”, she had explained and to continue: “As I went along, I learned to let go thanks also to the theater”.

Like some actresses, Lola Dewaere was also a victim of impostor syndrome. “All I know is that of course I feel like a plateau, legitimate even though I am the daughter of Patrick Dewaere and that has undoubtedly opened doors for me. Which does not prevent me from suffering regularly impostor syndrome, even today when someone criticizes me,” she said. This October 21, a documentary entitled Patrick Dewaere, my father my hero will retrace the life of the actor who disappeared on July 16, 1982 at the age of 35.

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