After their meeting in 2001, the singer Patrick Bruel and his companion Amanda Shters, said “yes” to the town hall of the 4th arrondissement of Paris then to the synagogue of the rue de la Victoire. From their relationship were born two children: Oscar, in 2003 and Léon in 2005. A love story that was “a chance in his life” but which nevertheless impacted the career of the writer.

“I started my career very early and then I married a very famous man and suddenly, what was very difficult, it was to change the idea that people had of me”, explained she in the podcast Passer à table in 2015 and added: “Suddenly, I no longer existed except through that or I was no longer anything more than the ‘woman of’, and I didn’t have legitimacy. I had to confront certain looks, certain reflections many times. I waited, I said to myself that starting from a work, it was going to change and that it would take time, but it’s True, it hasn’t always been easy.”

A few years ago, Amanda Sthers and her children left to live on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States. “When the question of leaving for the United States came up, it was a collective decision. I spent a lot of time there and I still spend a lot of time there”, declared the singer in the columns of Gala, on the 17th. November 2022. His son “Oscar is in his third year of medical school in the United States. Léon is in his final year”.

Despite their separation, it seems that they have remained close, as the 63-year-old artist explained in the rest of the interview. “With their mother, there has always been an extraordinary understanding, the desire for a common education. There is not a single time when a big decision has not been made without consulting each other , I am very present at their side”. Planet invites you to rediscover their couple photos in our slideshow.