the founder of The American software giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, has put a massive private participation in Tesla open. Ellison holds a Fund of three million shares of the electric car manufacturer in the current total value of around a billion dollars (0,87 billion Euro), as on Tuesday a notice to the us securities and exchange Commission SEC. The 74-Year-old with about a 1.75 percent stake in Tesla and CEO Elon Musk is the second largest individual shareholder of the company.

Ellison’s participation is so spicy that he was recently appointed as an “independent” Director in Tesla’s Board of Directors. The Board is responsible to look CEO Musk on the fingers, which Makes you want to crop some of the shareholders and the SEC. Ellison had previously acknowledged, however, that he has a great style of Tesla shares, and closely related to Musk’s friends. “Forbes” estimated Ellison’s assets last to 57.8 billion dollars.

Background: at the end of September had agreed to Musk in a settlement with the SEC, for at least three years, the Board of Directors, Chairman at Tesla, and to require two additional independent Directors. The authority had sued him after misleading Tweets to a in the meantime, contemplated exchange, the withdrawal of the company due to market manipulation. To settle the case, had he and Tesla also pay the $ 20 million monetary penalty.