Participants may not enter proceedings against UBS in France was postponed in March 2021Das the appeal of the Swiss Bank for money laundering and abetting tax evasion due to the Corona-crisis of nearly a year.0 KommentareUBS-man Markus Diethelm in front of the media in Paris after the judgment in February 2019.Photo: Michel Euler/Keystone

The court of appeal proceedings against UBS in France for money laundering and abetting tax evasion new from 8. – 24. March 2021 instead. The originally for the 2. up to 29. June scheduled procedure had been postponed due to the Corona pandemic.

Because of the restriction due to the Corona pandemic would not have been able to enter several of the persons referred to in France as court President Francois Reygrobellet to the AFP news Agency said. The hearings will be held before the Board 5-12 of the court of appeal in Paris. This is specialized in financial crime.

The UBS gave after the announcement of the new appointment, on request, a sober Statement. “We take the new process to date knowledge of and prepare ourselves, our arguments in a legal and factual point of view to put forward,” said a spokesman.

The Swiss Bank was sentenced in February 2019 to a record fine of € 3.7 billion. The Paris criminal court had the UBS because of “illegal Bank advertising” and because of “tax fraud aggravated money laundering” to be found guilty.

The first instance of the crime was evaluated as “exceptionally serious”. They had “their origin in a structured, systematic and long-standing organization,” said the statement.

The Bank, which has denied the allegations, always, had immediately filed an appeal against the judgment. You spoke of a conviction “without any concrete evidence”. The UBS outraged over “a decision that boils down to French law in Switzerland to apply” and the “sovereignty of Switzerland undermines”.

(SDA /aru)

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