in The united states. it has a new touch given to Boris Johnson. It is approved by its Brexit deal yesterday is not good, and forced him to make a new deferral with the european union. Even though the prime minister that, at first, refused to do so, it would be last night, still in a letter to the European president, Donald Tusk sent a request for a postponement. Perhaps it will come in the next few days, a new vote shall be taken in the house of Commons. “To lose Johnson, who, too, there are all kinds of Brexit trails will be open again,” says professor Hendrik Vos.

Boris Johnson was at the Super Saturday at the parliament of the netherlands to win it. But instead of “excellent” agreement, approval of a few members of the house of Commons, and that he was the first, it would produce legal texts on the topic, and require them to him from the EU (Brexit-a deferment, up to the 31st of January. The prime minister refused to do so. “I’m not going to go to the European Union to negotiate a postponement, the law requires me to do it,” he said.

at That word, however, was of short duration, for about 20 hours of our time, called Johnson’s European president Tusk to give to the questions asked. For 23 hours last night, did that last one on Twitter will know that he has the official letter of receipt will be completed. Tusk will be the other European leaders in consulting, which is a few days.

now That Johnson is on the 31st of October, the European Union’s action demonstrated that he was, according to the BBC, with a letter attached to the application for a postponement. Would the British prime minister, to stress that this delay is a mistake to find. According to the BBC, would be Johnson’s official request, also is not signed.


now, Though, Johnson did believe that the EU is an extension, not allow it to happen, it turned out that yesterday was not the case. Sources have confirmed to the British newspaper The Guardian , that is, the EU is not turning away towards the extension. This morning, the EU ambassadors have already put together spoedberaad to discuss the issue.

“But Johnson wants to be on the 31st of October, as the European Union steps in, and wants to take that line, so consistently and stubbornly persist,” said Hendrik Vos, professor of European politics from the university of Ghent. “And he’ll go through a bad patch, he has promised, however, that the required texts and on Monday will be. He has been there for a while, and there will be more sloppiness inside it, but there will be something available for you. And then there was Tuesday, though a run-off will be. If he is voting to re-lose all of the Brexit trails will be open again.”

a Real debate has yet to begin.

And what if the house of Commons, the deal, Boris Johnson, did approve of? Then it would be a Brexit is on the 31st of October, so it is possible, though, that a month later, on the 30th of november. The European Parliament is concerned in particular is normal at the beginning of the week, and the deal is ratified – until it has been approved by the house of Commons, that there was yesterday, so it didn’t come, and the next hearing is not until mid-november.

Whether it’s October 31st, november 30th or the 31st of January; it begins in the real game, since the launch of the Brexit itself. “There will be a transition period of at least one and one-half years, which may be extended for a further two years,” says Henry Head. “It has to be negotiated, about how the British out of the EU then it should look like this. They have to participate in the Erasmus scheme for studying abroad? Are they going to still make use of to the European, food? How much will you be willing to pay for European products?”

“Throughout the debate on the implementation of the Brexit has yet to begin. And before the British people at the table with the EU negotiators, will be for them to decide what they want to be. They have to have that debate as always is in the extended position. Since there is no general consensus has been. As you know, the greater away it is in Europe, the more economic it will be.”