From the Parisian concert hall, the Bataclan has been stolen, a door with the street artist Banksy attributed to Graffiti. The the Bataclan in November 2015 in the case of a terrorist attack, 90 people had been killed, announced on Saturday evening via Twitter. It was very sad. Banksys in June created the factory, a Symbol of remembrance, which belongs to all of us – locals, Parisians, and citizens from all over the world – had been stolen. According to Reports from several media, the door of thieves was transported cars in the night to Saturday with a load.

Whether this image is actually from Banksy, is not assured without a doubt. The artist himself has published on his Instagram Account the image of the end of June 2018. In June 2018 appeared in addition to other works in Paris, the Banksy can be attributed, they argued, especially the refugee crisis. The stolen work, made with a stencil and white paint, shows a sad-looking, downward-looking young woman with black-and-white veil.

Enigmatic artist

explained to The Bataclan, the work is a tribute to the victims of the 13. November, 2015. It was aufgesprayt to a door through which many of the audience were in the attack escape. In a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, the extremists had killed a total of 130 people. The terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed the deeds.

Banksy’s identity is still a mystery. It is known that he comes from Bristol and in the late 90s to London came. He made a name for himself with his socio-critical and usually controversial subjects. His Graffiti is usually surprising, sometimes he gives clues to its authorship.