Mr Peiberg, on Friday evening, a man in Eppstein has moved their ambulance. What exactly happened there?

Johanna Duerr wood

editor in the Department of society FAZ.NET

F. A. Z.

The no ambulance was, but the emergency physician response vehicle, NEF. We were in the car by the rescue as a reinforcement called and arrived at 18.30 at the place of use. We parked our car in front of the ambulance, as a result, we have two Cars parked in. And there’s also the Passerby who was abusive.

What exactly is the Passer-by has made?

I was in the ambulance, and have helped Treat. Then I saw through the window that the outside does anything, the light conditions have changed. I then opened the door and saw how the man has only moved our car and then his car in reverse parked.

you have approached him?

that’s right, I’m out of the car from the rescue and have raised the man. Immediately jumped out of his car and immediately become a wild and raving like a madman. He is very close to me, provoked me. I have to see him three times to say that he should please, but he has not understood at all. I then went to a car and notified the police. At no time did I need to hide but, how many of the media have written. I was in the ambulance, because I helped.

And the police caught him then?

Yes, not immediately. He ran off while I called the police. But I had written down the license plate, and police found him at home. There was also a witness who overheard the confrontation.

Why the man was so aggressive?

So he was not drunk. He was about 45 years old, I would say. I don’t know it. As a Rover hazards, so a sedan. Maybe he was just looking for a fight. He was for no reason aggressive.

Is this usual that in such a Situation, the keys in the ignition?

Exactly, the vehicle has unfortunately no engine run circuit. And Yes, I’m parked directly next to the rescue. I let the engine run to supply the devices with power and to let the medications do not cool down, it was quite cold.