Pandemic in Asia – India feared up to 200 million InfizierteDas Asian country railway wagons to build hospitals. The number of Corona-Infected increases following the easing of the Lockdown rapidly.Arne Perras from Singapur0 comment corona-crisis in Delhi: Soon the day might come, even the Indian railway wagons to fill with patients.Photo: Raj K (Ra)

Now, even railway cars must be used. The number of Covid-19-cases is skyrocketing in the Indian capital city of Delhi in the height, so that the Central government has now provided more than 500 trains with compartments in Corona-quarters are to be transformed. Mahesh Misra, a former head of the College All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIM) in Delhi, however, has doubts as to whether the cars will be suitable in this time of the year to sick people. “Now, where the heat is oppressive during the monsoon season, and there are no air conditioners in the cars, they should only be a last resort,” says Misra on the phone.

But just as the Corona-crisis is currently developing in Delhi could come a day soon, even the Indian railway wagons with patient fill. Researchers in Washington had created at the end of March forecasts, which it soon the most populous country in the world until the end of July, more than 300 million Infected could be. The early Lockdown, the government imposed in March, is likely to have delayed the increase. Ramanan Laxminarayan, Director of the “Center for Disease, Dynamics, Economics and Policy” (CDDEP) explains in the online magazine “The Wire”, as “India’s time has bought”. Nevertheless, the scientists expected up to 200 million cases up to September.

Young population as an advantage

there are Currently more than 360’000 Infected registered, but India had long been tested comparatively little. Now the changes, so that the number of known cases fast possibly, therefore, strong in the air. The beginning of the crisis in India’s coastal metropolis of Mumbai, especially a lot of attention, now Delhi developed with its 19 million people to the Corona of the Hotspot. Although epidemiologists expect that India, given its very young population with better conditions than other countries to withstand the crisis. The least Infected, says the physician, Misra, will ever need a hospital, you will be able to withstand the Virus without help. Nevertheless, the gap in Indian health can be overwhelming the system soon, in order to cope with the serious cases – especially in a city like Delhi, where now, after the easing of the Lockdown, the Numbers are increasing rapidly.

The businessman was desperate to a Clinic for his sick older brother.

days Ago, the Prime Minister of the Metropolitan area of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has warned that his city put in “big trouble”. The forecasts presented it, sounded gloomy. To expect was to be paid with an increase of the Infection to 550’000 in the capital until the end of July. Then Delhi 80’000 beds would need, for its own citizens, and 70’000 for those Covid patients come from other States.

Warning of “big trouble”: Arvind Kejriwal, the head of government of the Metropolitan area of Delhi.Photo: Anushree Fadnavis (Reuters)

until now, the capital of a little more than 8000 places for Covid patients, of which about half should still be free, had declared the government recently. However, these are not encouraging prospects, especially since, Indian Newspapers reported in early June about stories like Vikas Jain: The 45-year-old businessman was desperate to a Clinic for his sick older brother. The first two hospitals refused him, there it was, they had no free beds. In the third he was taken, but released, as his Corona Test was positive. The reason was that they could not isolate him. Only the fifth hospital in the Odyssey for the family ended up, here’s the Sick was recorded finally; however, at this time his condition was so bad that he was beyond saving. To the crematorium, the family had to bring the dead to self.

Spooky atmosphere

In Delhi many think that the Prime Minister and his Team may have underestimated the situation, maybe, because it looked for a long time, as the capital would be the worst saves.
The reputation of state hospitals is, moreover, in the whole of India is miserable. Patients complain about the dirt, lack of empathy, poor facilities and grueling wait times. All those who can afford it drives, in the private clinics, which will keep 20 percent of their capacity for Covid-ready, just in case. But you soon find its limits.

Corona Tests in Gurugram, a satellite city of the Indian metropolis of Delhi.Photo: Parveen Kumar ()

the inhabitants of the city, belonging to the middle class, describing the atmosphere as “eerie” and “spooky”. Expert Mahesh Misra believes that the rising Numbers have to do with it, that the people were after the Lockdown careless. “In Delhi, many people have thrown all the commandments to the true physical distance, over the pile.” He speaks of large gatherings of people at markets and bus stations, as it would be the Corona-warnings not to. Many would have thought after the Lockdown, everything would be more or less survived.

Stranded migrant workers

But then it looks, although the curfews and the consequences for many of the Indians were already putting an extreme burden especially for millions of stranded migrant workers, who were on a strike that has no Job and has since been fighting for their existence. “The economic consequences in India were far worse than the Virus,” says Misra. “And many small business owners have it hard to get their businesses going again.”

The interior Minister of the Central government, Amit Shah, was for a long time to hear a little more to offer, and now he leads a lot of crisis talks in Delhi. Is debated, as one could reserve more places in private hospitals for Covid patients, at low prices. It is the actions that the treatments for most are not even affordable in the process. The hope is that the health system in the capital can be improved in a short period of time significantly diminished.

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