not Is the real educational challenge of those, like the children in addition to the order, the Subversion of this order is to teach? To develop a feel for the scope of unreason, which offers the rational procedure is successful, the test case of education. Each mother, each father, as well as the entire educational staff is likely to be the horror familiar, which is the well-meaning educator comes over when he has the child in the spirit of the functioning of the part of Germany.

Hopefully, so someone thinks secretly, I hope the child does not take everything I say to him now, for face value. Because that would be awful, if the child is, to give an example, consider following my lecture “First, and then act, you would be my goof!”, it was up to the realization of the ideal humanity, to think first, then act.

The non-functioning part of Germany

Although the latter Maxim for the offending individual (the child had to leave the front door key from the inside) is not wrong, so this Maxim is good, however, as a General law; and the child should have understood my message wrongly, so universal, so I would be on the best way to make him a functional, dressed, in imitation of the targeted people have said. I would, in other words, on the best ways to make my child work child, for what life would mean that each Element of the unique to a lot of exactly one Element of the other quantity, to relate the dependent variable to the independent, in short: A child would be used, first and foremost, know which buttons and when to press – a, in the functioning part of Germany is well-known and reared Deformation.