A dwergpapegaai by the police in the Dutch city of Utrecht, in a cell, bread and water placed in it. Together with the owner, for example, a bird is behind bars for shoplifting.

The suspect had to have the bird taken away, and he was sitting on his shoulder, and then, when the police arrested him. There was no bird-cage in which the birds did, so that is why he was in a cell. This gave the bird a slice of white bread and a little water.

a photo on Instagram of the police in the Utrecht city Centre, it is the dwergpapegaai to see it side by side with two slices of white bread.

This e-mail message on Instagram

we are a defendant arrested for shop-lifting. During the arrest, which was a secret witness, with feathers and a beak on the shoulder of the accused. At the inclusion, at our desk, we found to our horror discovered that we are not in possession of a vogelcel or in a cage…. After a discussion with the suspect we have, they are enclosed together??… *and, of course, be well cared for! #puc #animals, #bird, #politieutrechtcentrum #police in #utrecht.

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