Owner looking for – Who has dropped to 3.5 kilograms of Gold in the train?In the Intercity train to Lucerne, an unknown Person left Gold to the value of 182’000 Swiss francs. The owner has five years to make his claims.1 Kommentar1Der owner of the gold could not be found: photo from the gold deposits of the Zürcher Kantonalbank.Photo: Martin Ruetschi/Keystone

The Lucerne Prosecutor’s office is looking for an unknown Person in a train carriage with a few kilograms of Gold are left. The owner has five years to make its claims, as from the Canton of sheet from the Saturday show.

In October 2019, which had been seized in a Wagon of the SBB from St. Gallen to Lucerne, a package of gold bullion in the value of 182’000 Swiss francs, according to the official announcement. In spite of extensive investigations, the Beneficiaries could not be identified.

The gold were seized bullion by the public Prosecutor’s office Lucerne, Switzerland. Justified claims could be made bullion on the gold, within five years at the Prosecutor’s office claimed that it was called on.

To how many kilograms of Gold were, and whether it is the current value, it is not apparent from the official notice. In October of 2019, as the ingots were found, at a cost of a kilogram of Gold around 48’000 Swiss francs, which would correspond to about 3.8 kilograms. Recently the price of gold was 53’000 Swiss francs, so that the weight would be 3.4 kg.

(SDA /aru)

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