Club Brugge have as a crew made quite an impression in the Madrid 2-2 is equal to playing against the great Real in the Champions League, but the behaviour of a few drunken football supporters, they have been in Spain for less, so to speak.

Before the game, collected all the city fans on the Plaza Mayor square, in the centre of Madrid, in which the liquor is richly flowed. A few drunk football supporters were, however, continued for women who are a charity and asked them for a beer and wanted to sell it. First, they tried to come up with the head scarves on the women in question to remove it. Then, they opened unsolicited beers, but refused to pay even though they have a mouthful of names.

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the Others are filled up again with the cups in which it has been presented with a beer instead of a tip.

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you can, of Course, is going to be in the minority, but it is to be eagerly shared them on Twitter, and the outcry is so great. “A shameful spectacle”, says the Madrid newspaper Marca.
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