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The assisenproces at Daniel Deriemacker (38) that is, for the murder of his wife, Carmen Garcia, who has It, has this morning been suspended, after the chairman Antoon Boyen, unexpectedly, an anonymous letter to read. According to the letter, had Deriemacker in the death of his wife due to someone else’s mistake.

“There was a second perpetrator involved in the murder,” says the letter, which is in the morning before the Bruges court of justice, and the focus was on Assisenvoorzitter Antoon Boyen. The assisenvoorzitter read the letter in full to be on the seat. After that, the session is suspended, the contents of the letter is to be tested.

to create A copy of this letter came this morning, as also on the editorial board of The Newspaper .

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The anonymous letter and Photos To: Newsletter
the trial of the West-Flemish people this is the week to a close. The whole process is still Deriemacker deny the fact that he is for the murder of his wife committed. The time of the murder, was crucial to this process.

The letter writer says that Deriemacker was indeed to the death of his wife made up because she knew”. But he was going to murder himself for having committed this. Deriemacker, it would be a second person who turned on the mob.

Men in black

“A man dressed in black, and was described by a witness to warsaw’s Frederic Roose is the real killer. It’s a French-speaking person, a bad environment, ”.

according to the letter writer, it would Deriemacker, however, definitely involved in the murder, “He’s got the wheels ( car red. ) the flat, stretched, , and he was always on the lookout for the time when the facts occurred.”

Deriemacker, it would be threatened by the murderer, to get him to verklikken: His parents, his brothers and sisters are in danger.”

the Accused, Daniel Deriemacker Picture this: if

The writer is evidently a woman, who, the morning call contacted the relatives of the murdered woman. There, she told him the same story. The advocates of the Deriemacker, would the phone have been given.


the Chairman of the General Boyen: “I’m going to have the seat re-suspend them in order to see what we’ll do with it.”

you can Also have a lawyer Christine Mussche, reported afterwards that the mother of “Carmen” this morning, as it was called in by an anonymous woman who has the same content as them. Also, Pol, Vandemeulebroucke, a lawyer for the defendant, stated that it was a bizarre, anonymous phone to me.

the Chairman of the Boyen and called the situation a “bad taste is well-timed and well-orchestrated.”

The process that is currently stopped. The sister of Daniel Deriemacker is in the room and the chair is available hold.

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