WASHINGTON the Us about 1 800 billion recovery corona virus caused by damage to the country’s economy, the biggest emergency relief package. The house of representatives has yet to confirm it. A crucial vote is on Thursday at the latest.

it Is however possible, that this is not money enough. New assistance measures is planned already.

Senate republicans make comparisons with the situation in war-time. Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. The corresponding leveraged execution in recovery not in 2008 during the financial crisis, not even after.

the New York stock market support package is already beginning to cheer up the beginning of the week, after its passing in the senate began to look likely. Sawing motion and uncertainty persist, but the Wall Street stock markets were on Wednesday rose in the direction.

They are the fastest and most direct way to measure the citizens and businesses of the atmosphere and the future of the faith.

washington tonila attempts at sewing respirators. The company produces over 5 000 per day. Stephen Brashear / EPA

What are the support package the main points of?

Consumption is increased by sending the citizens for cash. Less than 75 000 dollars a year deserve a tax payer, you get 1 $ 200. In addition, families pay a $ 500 per child. The amount of aid is reduced according to income so that more than 99 000 dollars make money not checks anymore.

unemployment insurance will be increased. Unemployed corona will receive a compensation of at least 13 weeks. The democrats insistence of precarious employment, such as various freelancers and Uber-taxi drivers from the support of the district.

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Small businesses will receive a quick loans, which they do not need to pay back, if they undertake to keep their employees.

Korona worse affected areas to help businesses set up 425 billion usd to the Us bank fund. For example, the airline planned to this fund of 50 billion dollars in grants.

the U.s. hospitals receive a hundred billion dollars more operations to run.

or How much the package would have on the Finnish economy relative to?

Support would be equivalent to less than 20 billion stimulus package Sanna Marin from the government. The figure is not directly proportional, because Finland is more social and unemployment security system, but it told the whole class. All at once decided with the stimulus are so massive.

What the effects of this package in Finland are?

It is a strong message to the world that the united states wants to keep its economic edge and to remain as an interesting investment target. It also tells you that the country’s politicians are capable of parties, mud wrestling, despite the necessary rapid, large transfers.

the united states is the world’s economic locomotive, so the economic impact in Finland are straight. The Finnish stock market following Wall street’s development.

Donald Trump talked about the corona virus briefing in Tuesday.Oliver Contreras / EPA

Who’s satisfied, who’s not?

Welcome are especially those unemployed americans who do not have permanent jobs. In general, the economy needs a stimulant messages to the corona caused by the shock to facilitate.

in Health care is both pleased that disappointed. Help to help with the necessities, but it is still not adequate coronal action.

New York city mayor Anthony Cuomo severely criticized the planned aid allocation. According to him, the state of New York would need four times more emergency support than what is now gaining.

One click on the treated is the president of Donald Trump. the Democrats saw to it that the Trump hotels to get distribution.

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the U.S. began to distribute checks to the citizens – the Future need for health care crisis buffers, say’s Risto Murto

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