In the center of the controls, the Review of tax, regulatory, legal and criminal aspects, such as disturbing the peace, breaches of restaurant, legal provisions, tax violations, child protection violations, violations of the non-Smoking protection law, traffic violations, and violations of the narcotics act. The police focused the action on the Review of the people in the localities. In addition, the police forces were a Civilian in the context of the objects on-the-go, goal-directed, in particular, controlled, high-powered vehicles.

According to the large-scale controls on the 05.07. and 06.08.2018 this is Recklinghausen already the third action within a short period of time in the area of responsibility of the police Bureau. In the case of the controls already 12 objects had been in the cities of Recklinghausen, Herten, Castrop-Rauxel, and Waltrop checked.

"May be no-go areas"

The fighting clan crime and the elucidation of clan structures is a focus of the police in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hookah Bars and other venues can be a communication and withdrawal level for people that are currently in the special focus of the police.

the Minister of The interior of the country North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, police President Friederike Zurhausen and the order Department, of the city of Marl, Michael Bach, accompanied by the use of force in yesterday’s action, and had first-Hand report on the results.

Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul: "There is no law is not allowed to give free rooms. Our answer can only be a consistent policy of small needle stitches. This is a part of our Zero-tolerance strategy. For this, we need to network the police, customs, commercial, administrative and financial offices, even more so that we can take advantage of all legal means against the criminal Clans. The Criminal must be clear that our laws and not of his own clan."

interagency cooperation

"Criminal clan members do not follow municipal boundaries and regulatory responsibilities. Therefore, you need to connect the competent authorities. With the established "round-table to combat the clan crime" we can exchange authorities across information in a more targeted way and measures to more effectively implement", – stressed the police President Friederike Zurhausen.

of procedure head of Department Michael Bach: "The already had years of good, inter-Agency cooperation will be intensified with this."

In the PCP attack from the wine road: Two Dead and two injured after scissors attack pk/ots