A 23-year-old Belgian woman and her two children aged one and one-half, and three-year-old must be made within 75 days of our country, are to be recovered from Syria. This is the judge in chambers today, will decide in Brussels, belgium.

the Belgian Hafsa Sliti (23) with her two children in a camp in Al-Roj. The camp is now in the hands of the Kurdish POSITION, but the hotel is located in the time zone that Turkey wants to be on the rise in Syria.

Sliti followed her radical father who, in 2014, in line with the Islamic State. But now she regrets it and wants to go back to Belgium, and her punishment is to sit out.

Through the trial, she asked that the Belgian government’s travel documents for her and her kids would have to deliver to an ngo, it would be delivered. Those ngos, which would then go to the Old guards of the camp, and the mother of two children in the Belgian’s hands, so that Belgium would be able to return home.

The district court in interim injunction proceedings, which has its Wednesday, the same given to it. It is believed that the Belgian State of its citizens, it must protect, especially children, have a fundamental right to be protected and are not to be separated from their mother. According to Nicholas Cohen, a lawyer for the family, to the Belgian government for 75 days and the period of time in order to return home.

Earlier this month, minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR), which indicated that the Belgian government was not in the position had been changed and They must be close to the city are to be brought to justice where crimes have been committed.” Reynders also see that the negotiations are working with the Iraqi authorities.

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