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it Is said that the one that moves, not come out in the photo . With the times that run, it will be necessary to change the lyrics to this “song”, because which do not give a step it is very likely that you left behind . This is something I have clear in the gallery, T-20, that since few years ago unfolded as a company with a T-20 Projects , your dimension that allows you to curate exhibitions that are not so linked to the current art, as current of José Gutiérrez Solana and the art of his time in Murcia.

Now, their responsible move to new tab and, next to Rodrigo Fonseca , put in place a third project: the editorial POMBO. In his words, is this a “new and ambitious venture,” whose challenge is to publish art books, mainly monographs of Spanish artists of the XX and XXI centuries.

Still hot

The idea is to develop the “ a line of work that does not exist today , focused on essays on creators, which will be much more than those introductions of the MEC of the early seventies”. The first of them, toasty even after his departure this week of the printing press, is dedicated to Solana, because there is linked to the text comisarial of the shows in San Esteban, become a analysis about the author and their relationship with the context of Spanish modernity, of which it formed part, but against the parisian avant-garde, with which neither understood, nor tried to do so.

“Now we want the editorial to come out, to grow and to leave a fund that try to great artists and to retrieve many forgotten, especially women,”

there Will be three lines within the collection : the blue of the avant-gardes from 1900 to 1939; which deals with the period of the franco regime, 1939 to 1975; and a last walk through of the Transition to the present. The intention is, therefore, getting to deal with artists on active.

so, the next volume will be dedicated to Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, a prelude of other texts focused on, for example, in Pablo Picasso . Already in 2021, would come Maruja Mallo , the first woman, but also equipo Crónica and, perhaps, the Angela of the Cross. “We are talking already with the authors –explained–. The publishing house has born with the coronavirus , although we wanted to do this before. In reality, we would not have been able to, with our work rate. Now we want to come out, to grow and to leave a fund that try to great artists and to retrieve many forgotten, especially women”.