Orion, Travesío and Cassandra were imposed on the Combarro Cruising Sail


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Return to sports activity boating in the ria de Pontevedra with a lot of desire and with masks in crews as required by the protocols, on the occasion of the dispute of the race Combarro Cruising Sail that held this Saturday the Ro Yachts Club in conjunction with the Marina of the Porto Deportivo de Combarro and the collaboration of the firm Froiz, cruise classes Orc and Veterans in its fourth edition.

And the day in their weather conditions also wanted to accompany this reactivation sports with sun and wind of 15 knots of average intensity, yes, very rolon, since in the interior of the estuary is maintained in the southwest and as it came towards his mouth, the wind went to the west and sometimes even north-west.

Departure time at 15:00 hours from the interior of the estuary in the ensenada de Tambo with great execution on the part of the “Ziralla”, “Spigot”, “Power 4” and “Youn Koun Kun”, especially the latter by the area of the output pin, which kept them in those privileged positions to turn the island of Tambo by the south and heading towards the west of the estuary and complete different courses by classes. So. The Class orc 1 they headed towards the lighthouse of the Mourisca in Bueu and back to Combarro with nearly 15-miles of travel, while the Class 2 point-to-turn was the beacon of Morrazán in the center of the estuary to complete for 10.7 miles, and Veterans viraban the beacon of Peeled in front of the village of Aguete, completing almost 7 miles.

In the class 1, after the first few bars of the test, the “Sebrala 2” imposed its law in real time in ideal conditions for him, but it was not sufiiente to crush the “Orion” and the “Force 4,” which we exceeded in time compensated for. After them, were classified at a very short distance the “Youn Koun Kun” and a little more displaced, the “Ziralla”, “Maral IV” and “La Fanciulla”.

In the class 2, the small “Travesío Riviere canned” managed to break the powerful “James Rome ” Rías Baixas” in the stretch back towards Morrazán fell into a calm but recovered quite well in the back towards goal. After them in offset was the “Pintail”, “Mar de Frades Cruise Pelegrin”, “Spud”, “Quen Vai”, “Trotto”, “Euyen” and the “Sea and Green”.

finally, in Veterans the “Cassandra” this time there is left to surprise and won clearly on the “Pilgrim” and “Atxurri”.