Open-Air cinemas, open-air cinemas in Zurich are even if the weather still leaves much to be desired: The Open-Air season has started. We show movies under the open sky.Gregor Schenker0 KommentareDas Xenix on the canvas outside: Open-Air cinema on the firm area.Dagmar Lorenz, Zurich/zvgOpen Air Cinema

Do 18.6. up As 2.8., The Baur au Lac.

In the Park of the Baur au Lac will be held this year for the first time in the Open Air. The Special thing is: The audience is listening to the movie via wireless headphones. And for the food there, among other things, hot dogs with truffle mayonnaise. In light rain, Raincoats will be distributed in case of bad weather the screenings from falling. Movie starts around 21 o’clock.

the Baur au Lac. The program is switched to high.

Film on the lake

Do 2.7. to Do 27.8., Red factory

in addition to the Xenix Open Air is the oldest open air cinema in the city, since 1984, it already exists. On Thursday, the Red factory shows films on the theme of “All You Need is Love”. In case of inclement weather, the movies run in the Dry. Because Corona ions are reservation compulsory (from 25.6.). The film starts in July at 21.30, in August, 21 PM.

Red factory

Xenix Open Air

Fr 10.7. to Fri 14.8., Firm area.

in addition to the Film, at the lake, the Oma, the Open-Air cinema in Zurich, the Rote Fabrik, as well as the Xenix celebrate this year their 40th anniversary. In Xenix the program to travel to foreign lands and foreign times – a replacement for all the real trips, which are due to Corona is only possible to a limited extent to rotate. In case of bad weather the screenings in the hall take place. Information can be obtained from each of the home page.

Xenix. Program goes online soon

Due to the Corona-crisis have been canceled several Open-Air cinemas, and some of the implementation is still open. We are constantly updating the list of open-air cinemas, which are taking place.

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