A Ugandan woman, is allowed to doctors have no children, through which gynecologists have taken steps to make that impossible to do. Mariam Nabatanzi (39) gave birth at the age of thirteen with her first baby and is now a massive gang of 38 if you are, they need to feed. Now that her “uterus is cut,” so a new pregnancy is impossible to have.

Nabatanzi was married at the age of twelve and gave birth to her first child when she was just thirteen and was. The woman gave birth to after many, many times, with some of the twins got it. Uganda was given the title of ” the most fertile woman in the world, after the 44 children in the world have it. They have received more than three times in a quad, or four times in a set of triplets and six twins.

the Doctors soon discovered that Nabatanzi with an extremely rare genetic disorder, distress, and causing more than one egg per cycle, it has produced, and without a lot of effort pregnant. On her 23th she has 25 kids and take them to the doctors to get her help. Medications such as the birth control pill would be of little use to bring, according to gynecologists, due to its larger than normal ovaries. The woman was yet to become pregnant and have children.

the mother

During her last pregnancy – for the sixth year in a pair of twins – was, however, wrong. Her husband had in the meantime left, leaving them alone. During the birth, tragedy struck, and it was one of the babies are born. Then I realized Nabatanzi is that they are a permanent solution and to look for the problem. Where were the doctors agree on is that a new pregnancy would be dangerous for the child, but also for the mother.

the Doctors would now be able to, which is the mother of 38 children, six of the 44 have died an early death, now you can focus on is her enormous brood. Nabatanzi said to be in april, at news agency Reuters , and that it is not always easy to have a family of her own to care for. Especially if there are a few of the children get ill, or if there is a higher cost, have to be made, for example, in education.

now, The brave mother worked as a hairdresser and interior decorator to put food on the table. The single Nabatanzi also sells the home with regard to, and kruidendrankjes to make a run for your money. For the day to day care of the young children, it can also depend on its sons and daughters who are already old.

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