One Million Run – Switzerland ran 25 Times around the world In the sign of the One Million Run more than 90’000 people travelled on the weekend enthusiasts over a Million kilometers. For Event co-organizer Andreas Cueni, the distance or the money is not important, but the solidarity of the Swiss population.Tobias Müller0 Comment whether running beginner or a professional athlete: ran On the weekend, many for a good purpose.Urs Jaudas

crossed Three and a half hours before the end of the 90’000 registered runners, the imaginary target line. On Sunday evening, it was cracked at the “One Million Run,” the a Million kilometers, and thus the desired goal is achieved. In addition to many hobby athletes many professional athletes ran for a good purpose. Laufwunder Julien Wanders back in Kenya, 16 km. The Gasparin sisters joggten in nature. Alex Wilson struggled through one and a half hours. And marathon runner Tadesse Abraham was to his profession and to the relatively 42.2 km at a stretch.

This was all for a good purpose: Due to the corona crisis, the Swiss-run scene came to a standstill, more than 150 competitions had to be cancelled. But the One Million Run showed that Switzerland is anything but quiet. In total, were placed back in 48 hours 1’115’751 kilometres. The participation to the Event was free, with each any amount of money for the Swiss sport aid Foundation was able to donate, then the promotion of young scientists is of benefit. In addition, sponsors and an up to now unknown patron of the arts large gifts quickly.

According to organizer Andreas Cueni have come together until Sunday afternoon, so a Million francs. The media managers of the world class Zurich, says, however, that the mileage and the money raised be just the addition. He says: “It is incredible what was going on in the last two days in Switzerland. The event will be a huge part of many people, this is the most Important thing.”

Cueni says that him and his colleagues from the Organisation achieved a lot of beautiful history of participants, which you would never have expected. “We received, for example, a Facebook message from a lady, the first in August, a Tumor of the knee, had to remove. This woman used to Marathons, and has now for the first time, a start number. This story has touched me extremely.”

Whether it will come to this success story in the future again to a “One-of-a-Million Run”, don’t think Cueni more. The idea for the Event originated in the special time due to the corona crisis. That’s why he says: “I hope that we will soon have to hold back such a run, because I hope that we will all never in such a Situation.”

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