On medical advice, Queen Elizabeth was told to stop this part of her evening routine


Last week, the 95-year-old monarch spent one night in hospital.

According to Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors, she should make changes due to recent health concerns.

Buckingham Palace reports that the queen, 95, spent a night in hospital last week and quickly returned to Windsor Castle to resume her royal duties. However, the British monarch “regretfully” decided to cancel her trip to Scotland next week for the COP26 global climate conference.

Elizabeth now has more time to concentrate on her health. The palace has reduced her workload, changed her schedule and recommended changes to her evening routine.

To begin with, they suggested that the queen stop drinking her Dubonnet cocktail. This was something she had been drinking for over half a century, Andrew Roberts, a British historian, told TODAY. She stopped walking long distances in Windsor Great Park together with her beloved dogs.

According to the palace Elizabeth is “disappointed” she won’t be able to attend the climate conference, but will record a message for the delegates. Other royals will also be present, including Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, Duchess-of Cornwall, Prince William, and Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge.

The queen has had a busy month with over a dozen engagements. She was seen using a cane for the first time since her 2003 knee surgery.

After her short hospital stay, she conducted two virtual audiences to welcome ambassadors from South Korea (and Switzerland) to Britain. She is also preparing for her platinum jubilee next spring, when she will mark 70 years of service to the throne.