The photo Cheetahs at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics qualified for the finals of the 4×400-meter, and a ticket to the Olympic Games returned to it. They were fourth in their series at 3:26.58, a new Belgian record. The men had been to the feast: and they have qualified for the sixth time in a row for the final of the world cup.

Startloopster Hanne Claes, Imke Vervaet, Every Couckuyt, and the Right Laus were the second group in fourth place in 3:26.58. Thus, they improved the Belgian record. That was until the world cup in 3:27.69, which allows for the Cheetahs last year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, in fourth, were. The lead in the series, the Belgians moved to the united states (3:22.96), Great Britain (3:24.99), and Ukraine (3:26.57). Slotloopster Laus, it was only at the finish line voorbijgesneld the Ukraine, Anna Ryzhykova.

The top three places of the two sets of data, and the two fastest losing times and commands. The medaillestrijd is on Sunday at 20: 15 cet (Belgian time) to the program.

in Belgium, who qualified with the fastest losing times. The first set went on to win for Jamaica in 3:23.64, in the case of Poland (3:25.78), and Canada (3:25.86). The Dutch men, who are in fourth in 3:27.40, has also been collected on the basis of their timing.

At this world CHAMPIONSHIPS, had to be the Cheetah’s have to do without their number one, Cynthia Bolingo, on the mark, with its achilles ‘ heel.

Among the men was able to coach Jacques Borléezijn son, Jonathan, is not to bet. He gave me the bundle, with a tear in the hamstring muscles. So, Dylan Borlée, Julien Watrin, Jonathan, Sacoor, and Kevin Borlée, in order that the feel and shine to a. They were second in the second series, in 3:00.87, behind Jamaica (3:00.76). The republic of Trinidad and Tobago was third in 3:01.35 for The top three from the two heats and the two fastest losing times and got a ticket for the final, which is Sunday evening at 20: 30 cet is taking place. This is the last edition of the world championships.

the first set took hold in the united states (2:59.89) with the win, the game (3:01.06) and Italy (3:01.60). The Belgian Tornados are going to be with for the third time for the final battle. France (3:01.40), and Botswana (3:01.63) and the fourth respectively the second and first series, which were collected on the basis of their timing.

The Belgian’s record of Tornadoes at a rate of 2:58.52. This was in the summer of 2016, and the fourth at the Games in Rio.