Olympic in Tokyo: Takeda on the defensive when the topic of corruption, 2020


    Seven minutes long, Tsunekazu Takeda, defended in Tokyo in front of journalists against corruption allegations in connection with the awarding of the 2020 Olympic games to Tokyo. Ask the 71-year-old, well-respected sports official is not allowed; he sits in front of the Marketing Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese Olympic Committee. Takeda’s unwillingness to ask questions and to give explanations, met in Japan to criticism. He wanted to clarify the accusations, prove his innocence and with the French investigators to work together, said Takeda.

    Patrick Welter

    a correspondent for Economics and policy in Japan, based in Tokyo.

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    The French courts determined against Takeda because of payment of the organising Committee for Tokyo 2020, two million dollars in a letter-box company in Singapore, for active bribery. The money is to be paid to Papa Massata Diack, the Interpol-wanted, son of the former President of the athletics world Association IAAF and former IOC member Lamine Diack. Takeda denied the connection to Diack knew. He had only put the signature under a contract, nothing doubting. Takeda reiterated that as early as 2016, have denied an investigation by External irregularities in the application. Tokyo has get 2013 the Olympics against Madrid and Istanbul.