Tulsa, Oklahoma was shaken by a massive 4.6 magnitude earthquake on Monday morning. Residents in Kansas City were also affected.

Residents of the affected areas instantly took to social media to confirm the tremor.

According to the Tusla National Weather Service a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Sooner State just after 11 o’clock local time.

The NWS tweeted “BIG earthquake just felt at @NWStulsa!”

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter was located four miles north of Medford, Oklahoma.

KJRH Chief meteorologist Mike Collier stated that the tremor was one of the “bigger ones”.


Collier tweeted, “One of our largest ever seen in a while #okquake.”

Wichita’s KFDI news agency reported that they received reports about the shake around 11.10am local.

“Reports of an earthquake have been received in the Wichita region. The news outlet tweeted that it was felt at 11:10 AM.

Frank Waugh, KAKE News’ meteorologist, was about to deliver his midday newscast and was interrupted halfway through due to a shake in studio.


“I don’t know if it was ….. It could be a very strong train or an earthquake at the studio. It’s not clear which one it is. It could be a train. Sometimes it does that.” Waugh said, ignoring the shake.

The meteorologist continued reporting the weather forecast and he stopped to say: “It stopped so I believe that it was an earthquake.” Based on how the lights shaken here, it is likely that this was a good one.

Kansas City resident claimed her building was shaking, tweeting: “Pretty certain there is an earthquake near Kansas City now. Our building is shaking.

It is not known if the earthquake caused any damage to either of these cities.