now, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is fired. He was in a relationship to be entered into with an employee, and that it was contrary to the policy of the fastfoodgigant, post business magazine the Financial Times. The concern is that the British singer has shown “bad judgment”.

Easterbrook went on in an e-mail to the staff of the boetekleed it. “I was, recently, by the mutual consent in a relationship with an employee, and that it was contrary to the policy of McDonald’s. That was a mistake”, citing the newspaper and the post. Easterbrook said the board agreed that the time has come for us to leave.

Easterbrook was the man behind many of the innovations in the fast-food chain. He turned to the co-operation with the UberEats, so that the food from McDonald’s, and now is being delivered to. Since the beginning of the Easterbrook in march, 2015, the value of a share of McDonald’s to almost double that.

Chris Kempczinski acting as a new chief executive. He gave up before the leadership of the American branch of the company, and that, worldwide, tens of thousands of sites.

More about McDonald’s in Icelandic, test how long fast-food from McDonald’s last McDonald’s are experimenting with a vegetable burger and a Cardboard straws from McDonald’s, and turn out not to be recyclable to a McDonald’s customer is given a baking of criticism: “Something like that, do you do with chicken nuggets?!”