The Association of cities and municipalities in Israel has refused to receive the Offenbacher AfD-official Christian Thüne as a member of a Delegation of the Hessian of cities. Thüne Chairman of the party in Offenbach’s city Parliament and also a member of the main Committee of the Hessian of cities. Most recently, she was also the constituency candidate in Offenbach for the state election. Thüne calls from the management of the cities, the entire trip to cancel – as a sign of solidarity with the “democratically elected representatives”, which was excluded, as it is stated in a communication from the Offenbacher AfD.

Jochen Remmert

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the airport and Offenbach.

F. A. Z.

From the Hessian Association of cities was yesterday to learn that the Federation of local Authorities, based in Tel Aviv, I declared that it could not be received as a local Association of Israel, representatives of this party. The Association is basically the Israeli equivalent of the cities and towns in Germany. The main Committee of the Hessian of cities plant, on the 25. To travel February to Israel, to the local to meet the representatives and discuss collaboration opportunities.

AfD-politician reveals surprising

The Association of cities, it was said yesterday, you have offered Thüne a conversation with the management of the Hessian of cities, you have not accepted this offer so far. Thüne showed instead, in a communication surprised that the Israeli municipal representatives of AfD-ausgrenzten members, although this had “always fought consistently for the interests of the state of Israel and against the increasingly imported to Germany anti-Semitism”.