The lynx is threatened to disappear from the state of Hesse. It had succeeded in the past few months to photograph a female, said Markus Port from the Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach Institute for Zoology and anthropology, Göttingen. And also the number of males had fallen From the last, in Northern Hesse, living in two copies to be returned in the resin. “From the looks of it, there’s only a lynx, and even after the we’re still looking,” he explained.

four years Ago, lived in the North of Hesse, six cats permanently. However, two animals died of the disease Fuchsräude, two disappeared and are probably dead. In the resin there is a fixed Population of lynx. The hope was that a female finds its way to the North of Hesse, in order to receive the stock. The missing partner could have been a reason for the Moving of the second lynx.

With photo traps at 70 locations, the researchers will examine an area of 1000 square kilometers in the North of Hesse, the lynx stock. Were spotted the animals earlier in the country of Kassel, Hersfeld circles-Rotenburg and Werra-Meißner. If the Luchs in Hessen has a future, it will show in the spring. In April, you could say more Accurate, explained to Port. Professionals see in a release of a possible rescue for the Luchs in Hessen.