The first day of the new year will bring a double Premiere in the field of Diesel-driving bans in Germany. For the first Time, it’s detonator is then in a state of a retraction stop for the elderly. At the same time, the first large-scale prohibition zone occurs in this country. Because of 1. January in the baden-württemberg capital city of Stuttgart locks out certain older diesel vehicles. Are affected first passenger cars with the Euro 4 exhaust gas standard and low. In addition, vehicles with the corresponding standard Euro IV and below, not in the big city on the Neckar river will be allowed to enter. And the first is to be taken literally, after all, the prohibition covers the whole of the environmental zone of the metropolis – and thus the entire city.

Martin Gropp

editor in the economy.

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As in the case of since the end of may this year, distance-based Diesel-driving ban in Hamburg, the Stuttgart-based is drive-through restriction is a consequence of the continued high burden of the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide. The respiratory poison is considered to be harmful to health, and diesel cars are among the various means of transport is the main polluter. Although the measured value at the intra-urban air measurement station “At the Neckartor” in the average for the year 2017 of 9 micro-grams to 73 micrograms per cubic meter of air has decreased. And, at least in the first six months of this year, the measuring station recorded a further decline to 70 micrograms.

However, this is still significantly above the since the beginning of 2010 in the European Union, the prescribed limit value of 40 micrograms. Therefore, the baden-württemberg state government had supplemented the air quality plan for your capital to driving bans. Now you will be effective. Anyone who violates the Diesel-driving ban, and police or municipal traffic monitoring caught, a fine of 80 Euro. The total cost with expenses amounting, according to the city of Stuttgart on 108,50 euros. With a violation, no points on the driving licence registers are connected.

5.7 million cars in Germany affected

as in Hamburg, there will also be in Stuttgart for a number of exceptions. The prohibition does not apply to newer diesel vehicles with emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6. For the Euro 5 standard, the state of Baden-Württemberg, however, needs a ban from 1. January 2020 to prepare. In addition, there are General exceptions to this: For one, the business may enter moderate delivery traffic according to information provided by the city at any time. So, it is also a total of 92 from the prohibition signs. It says “out of delivery”. Also for rescue services, fire brigade, police and medical emergencies-free travel is more for taxis, car hire or car-sharing cars as well. In addition, the inhabitants of the city with older diesel cars have a period of grace until 31. March 2019. And finally, there is for each of the theoretically affected holder of the Diesels in Germany, the possibility to apply for exemptions.