Of the pandemic wave of bankruptcies will follow after corona crisis aushandel register remains for the time being, the entries show that in April, the bankruptcies and liquidations have increased. In may, it is normalized according to a analysis again. Crucial the coming months will be now.0 comments

In Switzerland is for the time being, observe no mass mortality of small businesses. The strategy of the Federal Council, to prevent the feared wave of insolvency in connection with the corona crisis, is tentatively opened.

the analysis of all the entries in the commercial register of 2020 and from the corresponding prior-year period, show the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” writes in its Wednesday edition. The data are provided daily by the economic data platform moneyhouse.

The number of daily bankruptcies and liquidations have located the beginning of 2020 are already significantly above the level of 2019. The starting position was in the January to mid-February, so in the time before the onset of the corona the crisis is already worse than in 2019.

The Federal Council have announced in the course of lock downs and a temporary legal standstill in the operation of essence, in order to relieve the company. Also the company had been, among other things, grace in payment arrears as well as compensation for short-time working and loss of income as well as quick liquidity assistance granted.

Coming months is crucial

On the 19. April had resulted in protection against debt collection. Thus, the number of bankruptcies and liquidations had increased again. Already in the beginning of may, a normalization’ve used. From the second week of may, the volume moving around the previous year’s level.

Indeed, had last increased the Numbers to around 90 bankruptcies and liquidations per day. Of a wave of bankruptcies could be no speech. If the worst of scenarios could be prevented or whether the measures taken by the Federal Council, have pushed many bankruptcies is only likely to show, according to the NZZ, the next few months.

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