Of shareholders of Dexia to vote on beursexit


to The shareholders of the restbank, Dexia is today, Wednesday, to make their voices heard on the plans by the bank to the stock exchange to leave. All of this is for the small shareholders to form more than 99 per cent of the share capital of the bank is, after all, is in the hands of the Belgian and French governments, and retail investors, in advance, to follow. If the green light is turned on, disappears in Dexia as of 30 november of the beurstabellen in Brussels, belgium.

The plan of the beursexit were in the previous month, as announced. They did not come quite as much of a surprise: head-Wouter Devriendt) had already stated that he’s listing off the wild, as they are the company a lot of money.

at present, there are nearly 1.95 million Dexia shares are traded. They account for less than 0.5 per cent of the share capital of the restbank, and all of the other shares in the Belgian and the French state. On average, only 2,000 of shares per day traded on an exchange, Dexia has reason to suspect that it’s going to be speculators.

The restbank points out in its notice of meeting for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on which the listed shares will just be worth it. “The value that is produced by the trading of the Dexia shares on the regulated market and to be able to have any relationship to the actual value, which is significantly lower, if not zero, it is”, what it sounds like. There is also no prospect of any return on the shares.

for example, If the EGM on Wednesday the go-ahead for a beursexit, disappears in Dexia as of 30 november, on the stock exchange. The publicly-listed shares shall be converted into registered shares, whereby the shareholders are required to register. The sale of the shares to be issued will have to be able to have a “expertenmarkt” of the Euronext stock exchange.

as For the ceo, Wouter Devriendt the beursexit is one of the latest achievements in Dexia. In the middle of november, he will be the restbank leaving a job is the worst major bank to pay in Unicredit.

in addition, Dexia is what is left of the former Dexia group in 2011, was certain that there was. The former Bank labouchere / Dexia Bank of Belgium, where the group will be lifted and re-named to Work. The restbank Dexia has since been working on self-build.

for More on Dexia-Wouter Devriendt, will stop down as CEO of the Dexia Employees-topvrouw claims to the $ 2.6 million compensation of Employees-account holders of Dexia wants to be rid of the stock Alternative scheme, Consists of never in Europe, have been reported, due to the collapse of the government