We have had a wet October has been. However, there is to go is not enough rain fell to get the water table back to him. “In particular, in the province of Limburg and Vlaams-Brabant) was in the water at the beginning of this month, is still dramatically low,” said Kathleen Smet of the Flemish environment agency.

“the Official figures are only at the beginning of november, and since then, new measurements are made. The rain, the water level must have increased. But it is still not enough. Especially in the province of Limburg, and in parts of Flemish-Brabant, and the water levels are still dramatically low,” says Flemish environment agency.

According to the IRM, it is October in wet years, but not more than the average. So far We have 17 days with rain, while for the average to 16.6 is. Also, the amount of precipitation is more or less normal for this time of the year.

The backlog, that is, the ground water due to the dry summer of 2018 and has been, and is, therefore, in 2019, is still not caught up. “To that end, we would have a thirteen and a fourteenth month, to have a lot of rain,” says the weatherman Frank Deboosere.