How many there are, it is as yet unknown, but a number of people, it is through the mesh of the net, slipped, and sat night coming from the airport, Zaventem, however, went on a package holiday with Thomas Cook. “These people were informed that their trip did not take place, and it is intended that they will be effective to stay at home,” says Leen Segers, president of Thomas Cook.

Leen Segers, “A number of people have asked this morning, however, at the airport, and the company has who are yet to let go. A lot of people will not see it, but I’m sure that we, the people, had to work not to have to leave today.” It is about the passengers on the so-called “mixed flights”, flights both to Thomas Cook travelers as the other, Brussels Airlines ‘ passengers. Brussels Airlines has confirmed that it is possible for a customer of Thomas Cook Belgium in the plane. The company was awarded a contract to the customer to keep track of, what it sounds like.

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a total leave of nine mixed-flights-to, the traditional Mediterranean Zeebestemmingen. It is the intent that the seven hundred and booked a Thomas Cook pakketreizigers do not attend (however, an unknown number of is boarded). These flights will be back. 927 (Thomas Cook travellers coming that way on Tuesday into Belgium.

in Addition, there are four flights to and from Tunisia to Brussels Airlines, has been cancelled. It’s going to be races that are only for Thomas Cook customers, it would have carried. The 250-odd people are unable to leave, and it is a 350, not many people are unable to return home. “Who are the people who are not able to return to Tunisia, be advised that they are to be dealt with by the hotel and we are here with might and main to see how and when these people go back to Belgium to be able to bring in,” according to Leen Segers.

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as Tentative to communicate, look at Thomas Cook only flights on Tuesday. The rest will follow at a later date. Seger: “People who will leave tomorrow, today even to a communication from us.

as Thomas Cook and Neckermann shops Tuesday morning has opened up. The situation is the same as on Monday. New reservations will not be made. “People like the feature, just open it. It’s very important for customers to ask for us to go,” according to Leen Segers.

for More about Thomas and All of Thomas Cook’s travel in Belgium is booked, will be cancelled by Brussels Airlines was forced to lay off more than 100 flights and not only for Thomas Cook customers have been the victims Guarantee fund, establishes the Friday, ten races returning, passengers Cloth is the Thursday final for the employees ‘ estate in the parts of Thomas Cook’s