A day after a Belgian football agent, Christophe Henrotay, has been arrested in chicago, was also a former Anderlecht-manager Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven is picked up. Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, the “under the table” for a portion of the commissions Henrotay have received, in transfers of players to and from Neighbourhoods. “He is currently being questioned,” says the federal public prosecutor’s office.

investigators seized From the leuven luc van wassenhoven Thursday morning at his home in Beersel. The former Anderlecht-manager – like Henrotay it was yesterday arrested in the investigation of corruption and bribery in keeping with the Brussels investigating judge Michel Claise. Inter alia, the transfer of the former-Anderlecht players Aleksandar Mitrovic and Youri Tielemans to be carefully examined. The two men, who, for many years, worked together, were on the transfer member, and Henrotay, it would be a part of its sub-committees under the table in front Of the leuven luc van wassenhoven will have to be paid. Without the knowledge of the clubbestuur and the players. Or is that also the case for other transfers, the case is still under investigation.

When we came on Wednesday after the arrest of a Henrotay, contact recordings Of leuven luc van wassenhoven, he said very, very quietly. “The court just to do her job.”

Herman Van Leuven Luc Van Wassenhoven. Photo: BELGAIMAGE

Operation Clean Hands

For the sake of clarity, this study is the result of the searches at the offices of RSC Anderlecht earlier in the year, and it is independent of the Operation Clean Hands. Therefore, it was Of leuven luc van wassenhoven an interrogation, accompanied by his lawyer. The first hearing took place in October of last year, and the second is just in time for the summer holidays this year. Both times, he was allowed to, after the interview, immediately go home. He was not yet officially in suspicion.

According to our information, the likelihood Of leuven luc van wassenhoven, for the judge will appear, this time larger. The judge will have to decide whether or not Of the leuven luc van wassenhoven, currently active as a real estate broker, whether or not held open.

Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, which was particularly well-known in Belgian football, as the manager of Anderlecht, where he was from 2003 until the end of 2018, at the start it was under chairman Roger Vanden Stock. He was the successor of Michel Verschueren. Under his rule, won by Anderlecht’s eight titles, but when Marc Coucke, the club took over the role of The Stock Of leuven luc van wassenhoven put out on the street. Before his time at Anderlecht and had the leuven luc van wassenhoven for four years as a manager in Lier work, which he had inherited from RWDM.

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