the energy company Fortum has managed to finally acquire a clear majority of the German energy giant Uniperista.

Fortum told the stock exchange release that the company is able to finish the stock in trade of the two activist investment with the company.

store a result of fortum’s shareholding in Uniperista rises to 69.6 per cent. Fortum is the number of buy still 1-3,8% of the shares in the period spring investment companies.

Fortum paid a shares total not exceeding eur 2.6 billion. After Fortum has paid Uniperista a total of 6.5 billion euros.

Uniperista comes with the acquisition, Fortum subsidiary. Unipet however, continue to operate as an independent listed company in Germany.

Unipet is clearly Fortum, the larger the company, both the turnover and the number of employees on the basis of. Last year’s fourth quarter Unipet make fortum for eur 90 million increase in the result.

a Long and rocky road

Uniperin management has resisted the whole time, fortum’s efforts.

Fortum promise in a statement that it will comply with German legislation controlling the contract or redeem the remaining minority shares at least the year 2021, the end of the year.

Next, Fortum and Unipet begin negotiating strategy of coordination. Fortum also wants to stake against the representation Uniperin the government and administration of the council presidency.

Uniperilla is the largest power plant fleet in several European countries. In addition, the Unipet is a significant gas merchant, and it also participates in the Baltic sea the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the financing.

the energy revolution the promotion of electricity production carbon dioxide emissions and a significant investment not just in renewable energy sources is also still a cleaner gas, energy storage and other future decades of supply to improve the flexibility of the solutions, Lundmark justify a trade release.

recently, Uniperiin and Fortum has been under harsh criticism, in particular the German climate movement in the body. The background is Uniperin new coal power station Datteln 4, which is due to launch in the summer.

Unipet is in return promised to close old coal-fired power plants. It is to abandon coal in Britain and Germany by 2025. In the netherlands objective will be pursued by 2030. In europe, activity is expected to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

Also, the Finnish state has had its share of criticism, as the state-owned Fortum majority.

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