the father of the Dutch spookgezin”, which had been liberated from a remote farm in Ruinerwold, has been arrested. The 67-year-old man is accused of deprivation of liberty, assault, and money laundering, reported to the local police station.

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It’s going to be the second one held in the sensational case. Three days ago, there was a Joseph B., a 58-year-old odd-job man in the house picked up, though it is maintained. He is also accused of deprivation of liberty. Earlier on was also known to the spookgezin links with the Moon-cult. The police are now investigating whether the confession led the group to a secluded living. “Yes, there are reasons to believe that the parties are not free and lived on the farm”, it could be that.

The police had on Sunday at a farm house in Ruinerwold (province of Drenthe, the netherlands) calm after the 25-year-old man from the farm was lost and completely confused in a coffee shop, was published. When you arrive at the secluded and boarded-up farm, met the people behind a cabinet in the living room there is a staircase leading to the basement, to the. There lived in a bed-bound man who, a few years ago, a stroke would have had to have been the parents of six children. All of them were totally neglected.

father: Gerrit Jan V., it would be a total of ten children. The three of them have been, according to a statement from the family eight years ago is already out of his grasp, including me, and six others, all of them are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, were this week found in a farm located in Ruinerwold. The family tried many years ago to make contact with the tenth child, but to no avail.
More about the Spookgezin province of Drenthe, the Family is of English spookgezin’ responds for the first time: “the Three children in 2011, all of whom had fled to their father’s will” Tenant, Joseph B., remains in custody in the case of English, spookgezin ‘English ‘spookgezin had “links with Moon’s sect of his Brother is about Joseph, b. the Netherlands spookgezin’ checked out:’ He acted like he was better than Jesus”.