in The Walloon derby between Standard and Charleroi airport is a Sunday evening, one minute before the end of the shut-down, after the influx of fans from Charleroi, and repeated the fireworks on the field and stuff. A first cap came in a few seconds late in the second half of the Rouches in the 90th minute (1-to-1), and a second followed in the 94th minute, when the front desk staff as a player Ilaimaharitra ruled out. Referee: Bram Van Driessche did not hesitate and sent out to everyone early in the direction of changing room.

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After ten minutes or so were the players on the field and ready to race without any further incident will be completed.

The rules and regulations of the Pro League, writes, ” a consideration of € 25,000 if a match is temporarily interrupted. Since most of Charleroi, and are responsible for, such a sum is an integral of the Carolo’s charged. At the next board meeting (October 28), the penalty is to be ratified, it may be just a formality.

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now, as The Belgian football association may, in addition, have additional sanctions to impose, ranging from a one-match behind closed doors and to pay a fine. The probability of this to happen, it is not to be thought of. For the fans of the Zebras are, in fact, is not to their advantage. By the end of 2016, the Walloon derby is already shut down after the supportersclans is misbehaving.

in The Belgian top flight experience as a inktzwart the weekend. Saturday was the Hilly stadium STVV-Genk, one minute from the end it stopped because fans are misbehaving.

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