Open letter – Now Adolf Ogi wants to rettenAlt the Lauberhorn race-the Federal Council, Adolf Ogi, and numerous other politicians for the legendary race in Wengen, and call for a debate.Laura Inderbitzin0 comment, Adolf Ogi (right, here with Federal councillor Alain Berset in January in Wengen) is personally committed to the preservation of the Lauberhorn race.Photo: KeystoneDer Event in the Bernese Oberland could disappear from the world Cup calendar.Photo: keystone reason is a financial dispute between the Association and the organizer is.Photo: KeystoneUm the Disappearance of the tradition to prevent the event, offers Ogi to act as a Mediator between the parties.Photo: KeystoneDer Swiss Federal councillor and 18 other politicians, on demand, in an open letter, to “sit again at the table and find a solution”.Photo: keystone among the signatories is also SVP-President Albert Rösti are falling, …photo: Keystone… of the FDP in the national Council of Christian water, …photo: Keystone… GLP-national councillor Melanie Mettler …photo: Keystone… or FDP national councillor Christa mark Walder.Photo: Keystone1 / 9

The “Switzerland needs the ski race on the Lauberhorn!”, it is said in the open letter, which was sent on Friday morning. Adolf Ogi, Alt Bundesrat, and Ex-Swiss-Ski-President, as well as numerous other Bernese politicians call upon to reason. The Association and the organizers should be “once more to the table and find a solution” to save the Event in the Bernese Oberland.

On Wednesday it was reported that Swiss-Ski would like to emphasise the spectacular race in Wengen, starting in 2022 from the world Cup calendar. The reason being a financial dispute with the promoter.

“The race on the Lauberhorn are physically, socially, and economically for our country is of utmost importance”, it says in the letter. To “this is the since 1930 existing tradition in the occasion of dying, would be for the whole of Switzerland and particularly the Canton of Bern and the Bernese Oberland Region is fatal.”

Ogi as an intermediary?

the race, want to use Ogi and the politicians personally. In the letter, they offer their support, to act, for example, as a mediator between the two parties. Because: “For the skin-station, Switzerland, the Die of the Lauberhorn race is unthinkable.”

in addition to the 77-year-old Alt-Bundesrat 18 Bernese politicians have signed the open letter. Including the national councils of Christian Wasserfallen (FDP) and Albert Rösti (SVP), Christa Markwalder (FDP), Melanie Mettler (GLP) and the Council of States, Hans Stöckli (SP) are.

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