Patrick Fiori is an essential artist of French song. Revealed in 1998 thanks to the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, the singer could have known a completely different destiny. On March 6, 2021, the coach of The Voice was Isabelle Morizet’s guest on the show There is not just one life in life on Europe 1. During the interview, Patrick Fiori confided that he was sick when he auditioned for the role of Phoebus. “There were many of us. And I had the flu that day. I arrived in an impossible state”, recalls the singer. “I do what I can, I sing ‘Belle’ and ‘Déchiré’ which I had learned beforehand. And I leave thinking that they will never call me back”.

And yet, it is Patrick Fiori who was chosen for the role for the role of Phoebus. The singer learned the good news thanks to a production person by telephone. “I couldn’t believe it, I hung up on her. She called back three times. And then after a while my dad picked up and told me to stop messing around because it seems important,” he recalls. Alongside Garou, Daniel Lavoie, Hélène Ségara and Julie Zenatti, the artist embarked on a beautiful and rich adventure on stage for three years.

Patrick Fiori reveals to Isabelle Morizet that it is unthinkable for him to play in other musicals after the incredible success of Notre-Dame de Paris. “I remain Captain Phoebus. I remain the voice of this song ‘Belle’ and of this musical. I do not want to do anything else in my life”, justifies the singer. “I was offered a lot of things afterwards, even to make music for musicals. Except that Notre-Dame is so anchored in my DNA that I said no”, concludes the artist.