Not even the thunder of cannons, there was – a Lonely birthday at Windsor castle – Prince Philip 99Dieses he has presented sure different: For nearly three months, the Duke of Edinburgh’s stuck now at Windsor castle near London.0 comment don’t want to attract any attention: Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth (94) are at risk due to their high age strongly from the Coronavirus. Photo: Keystone

Because of the Corona pandemic, the Prince consort was already far ahead of Easter from the country seat of Sandringham in the County of Norfolk by helicopter to Queen Elizabeth II (94) to Windsor brought. Because of their age both are endangered by the Virus.

Almost 100 years – as Prince Philip for his birthday next Wednesday (10. June) under these circumstances, celebrate? Very simply, reported the Daily Mail. From the king’s house, the newspaper want to know: It is merely intended to give a simple lunch with the Queen.

A large birthday party had not planned of the Royal, therefore, in any case. Philip was now once more quiet, quoted the sheet closer to said Insider. “He has decided, as is his custom, to attract any attention.”

Prince Philip as a gray Eminence of the “Megxit”

Also cannon thunder will not give it for the Duke of Edinburgh – his official title – as a spokesman for the defense Ministry of the German press Agency said. In Windsor, the Royal would not have been under normal circumstances, but probably. He prefers Sandringham in the East of England and a country seat in Scotland, where he with the Queen regularly holiday.

The family is expected to report to Philips birthday, probably by telephone or video call, for example grandson, Harry. The 35-Year-old has broken with his small family from the king’s house, and now lives in Los Angeles. Philip is said to have been drawn to the “Megxit” as a gray Eminence consult.

Similarly, in the case of abuse allegations by an American woman for his son, Prince Andrew (60) in the Epstein scandal. The relevant convicted Jeffrey Epstein had been accused of a sex trafficking ring involving Minors operated. He was taken in custody in New York life.

Philip was born in 1921 as a Prince of Greece and Denmark in Corfu on a kitchen table, because the doctor found virtually. At the age of 13 Elizabeth fell in love with the then dashing cadets. Today, Philip is considered to be a main support of the monarch. Until 96 years of age, he went into retirement. His last official appearance was nearly three years ago at a military parade. Since then, it has become pretty quiet around him.

connection between Philips thirst for knowledge and his long life?

Trouble him however, as he was involved with 97 in an accident. Only after public pressure, he gave up his license. And just before Christmas 2019, the British made to Philip, when he came to the hospital – a precaution, as a Palace spokesman said, without specifying Details. Christmas eve Philip celebrated again with the family Christmas on the Sandringham estate.

Philip takes the age suffer with Humor. “Nothing builds a more than when it is recalled that the years pass faster and faster, and the paint begins, from the old framework to flake,” wrote the Prince, as he was named in 2011 to the “Oldie of the year”.

His retired life he spends mostly on the secluded Wood Farm, the country seat of Sandringham in the East of England. As much time as now during the pandemic, at Windsor castle have not spent the Queen and her Prince consort are already together for a long time.

Lady Butter, a distant relative of the Prince, believes that there is a connection between Philips thirst for knowledge and his long life. Philip was not only a bookworm. “He paints, he is looking at his horses, and abides by the news,” she told the Daily Mail. Actually, the 95-Year-old, do Philip everything as before – only slower.

But the Queen, stunned all the world how fit she is 94 years of age, and physically. In the Corona-crisis you around riding in the fleets Outfit on a Pony on the castle grounds. According to rumors, you should make every day and through a side entrance of the castle to the outside disappear.

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