at Club Brugge and left on Wednesday with the odds on a win against Galatasaray, but still has a great record of a bite in the Champions League. Blue-and-black, and the tie against the Turkish champion is now a five-poulematchen in a row, unbeaten so far in the kampioenenbal. Did this for a Belgian club, they had never even seen before.

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the Club, in Bruges, he began his unbeaten string was in the previous edition of the Champions League, in which the strong have to admit. Against Dortmund, Atlético Madrid, it was always 0-0 gelijkgespeeld, at Monaco, it was 1-to-1 gelijkgespeeld and with a wide (0 to 4-digit wins. The new campaign kicked off with a blue-black finish, with a new and a 0-0-draw, so it’s now five games unbeaten in the leagues of the most prestigious clubcompetitie. Unusual for a Belgian club.

Mignolet started the campaign with a clean sheet. Club Brugge was the first team ever to have three consecutive 0-0 is equal, played in the Champions League. Photo: GMAX AGENCY

what is Striking is how highly the Club rates defensively on the kampioenenbal. Imagine this: in his last four matches, kept the blue-and-black-in each case the zero in the Champions League. In his last five matches, took only one tegengoal.

And now at Real Madrid

for example, If we have the voorrondewedstrijden pack, Club Brugge-even though in nine Champions League matches in a row and lost. Against LASK Linz, and Dinamo Kiev, and was a three-time winner and one-time gelijkgespeeld: 1-0, 3-3, 0-1, and 2-1. Well, that’s a new record for a Belgian club.


by the way, Club Brugge will play its next Europa League match in the Santiago Bernabéu against Real Madrid. And it is precisely that… a problem is to just keep it.

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More about the Club, Bruges, Belgium, to climb to third place in the coëfficiëntenranking after the first day in Europe to the ANALYSIS. The Club are checking to Bart Lagae: “Anderlecht is coming at the right time, in front of Club Bruges, Club Bruges, the fans cheer massively, “public WELFARE” to the Turks: “This, you have to judge them. It felt like we were also on Lukaku in Italy?” Vincent Kompany are very likely to not be ready for top match against Club Brugge: “We need to put our head to use it.”