the Zookeeper in an Australian zoo, it is not a job for people who suffer from arachnofobie, that the proof of the above images of the world around. In this is to see how a member of the Australian Reptile Park’s’ the company of dozens of fatalities, the Australian trechterspinnen as he eierzak – and deliberately – bursts.

That is a good reason for this: the eight-legged creeps are being used to make the antidote for the bites of their species to be treated. And that can save your life. A bit of a trechterspin, after a quarter of an hour to be lethal to a full grown man, if he is not immediately and an antidote administered.

the study of the park, and the production of an antidote, could not be avoided that in the past few years, more people have died due to the bite of the dreaded trechterspin.

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