the Parents < / I> a Baby shark , to be 10,000 hot air balloons. and p < / I>, l opdans a spot in their Spotify playlist and see it appear, may be relieved to breathing in and out. The children are going to have their own version of the app to get it.

In the kinderversie’ on streaming service, Spotify, children are able to choose between a 6,000 songs have been selected by the experts. They are divided into categories such as movies, tv, events, bed-time stories. The app is available to allow children to be in a more secure environment, can listen to music without “explicit lyrics”.

now Parents will be able to choose between the profiles for younger and older children. The children will be able to listen to the Disney tunes, nursery rhymes, and stories to tell. The older children will also have Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to see it through.

The app, you will be part of the existing Premium for a Family package, and it won’t cost extra for those who already have a season ticket. Children will be just like the regular app, with no advertisements to hear it. For the time being, Spotify, the Kids are not yet available in our country. On Wednesday it was in Ireland, the first version was launched, and that there will be a period of time to be tested. In the next few months as the kids-version in the rest of the world to be rolled out.

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