Fun for young and old. Board games allow the whole family to get together and that’s surely what makes them so popular. Scrabble, card games, dominoes, Little horses… Difficult not to find happiness after the Sunday meal or during the holidays. If board games have experienced a new lease of life in recent years after falling somewhat into oblivion, they have nevertheless always existed. Indeed, dice or bones were already found in ancient civilizations.

However, we have to wait until the beginning of the 20th century to witness the creation of the board game in its current form, that is to say with an author, manufacturers, distributors and above all well-established rules. Some are still, today, great classics, like Monopoly, published in the 1930s and considered the first economic game and which has since made children. We no longer present the Trivial Pursuit, star of the 1980s and which launched the question and answer games.

If the success of these games is global, it is still a little more important in France, the main European market, ahead of Germany. Almost 1,000 new games are created on average every year in our country, and in 2012, 20 million copies were sold in the same year. What make you dizzy and above all well feed our cupboards. Today, the fashion is rather for investigation games, “escape game” style or those who have fun with the taboos of society, like Limite Limite. Remember, 40 or 50 years ago, the board games that were in your cupboards were very different. Planet offers you a leap into the past in the slideshow below, with 8 board games from your childhood to rediscover.