it is Devastating. Because the word Norwegian screenwriters Sara Johnsen and Pål Sletaune describe the feeling, by the terrorist attacks in downtown Oslo and Utøyan island 22. July, 2011 gave birth.

Two years later, they began to prepare the tv series 77 people killed, the day and the surrounding period of the events.

– we Experienced the need to deal with the matter, but how could it be done? It was impossible to describe the events on the island of the injured or the dead point of view, Johnsen says.

Born in the six-part drama series, which follows five people who work for you are forced into events in downtown Oslo and Utøyassa. The fictional main characters work as a journalist, a cop, a doctor, a teacher and anti-islamic blogger.

the Events begin in the early summer of 2011 and the end elements against the referred for trial a year later. Inspiration and vision gave, inter alia, the HBO classic series The Wire and Treme, the authors say.

They showed how disaster can be harnessed to reflect the whole of society, Johnsen said.

22. July -series of director-screenwriter Pål Sletaune and screenwriter Sara Johnsen.I Kaland / NRK”This is how you feel when it happened”

the Attacks left a lasting impression, particularly to Norway and to Norwegian, although the case touched worldwide. For example, more than half of those parents who lost their attacks in their children, have not been able to return to work, Johnsen says.

the process of weighing was also from an ethical point of view. Discussion of the series after release is shown, that the decision of the series conclusion was correct. Previous attacks have been published, inter alia, two films.

we’ve received from victims and relatives of the positive feedback that this has helped to facilitate the proceedings, because the events of the description seemed authentic.

the Background is years of research and discussions of the attacks during the who worked with. The series is based on the Oslo government quarter and Utøyan events, but the characters are completely fictional.

the Series has attracted a lot of discussion. Many people say that this feels when it happens, Sletaune said.

what Changed?

Johnse and Sletaune are along with the phone from the Johnsenin at home in Norway. They agree that the country survived the terrorist attacks in the aftermath of mixed results.

– early, when our world changed from the shock, the authorities and state leadership managed to bring people together. Later, for example in schools, which was the victims and their close relatives as students, the case was treated very variously, Sletaune said.

Johnsenin according to the Norwegian has missed a report, we post a lot of things unclear.

– was Investigated, how this could happen and the report was made. However, we do not know, did they change anything.

Anne Cathrine (Ane Skumsvoll) is working on a series in the anesthesia doctor. The series was chosen unknown actors, so the viewing experience would feel as real as it can.NRKTärkeää, you happened to forget

a Half years ago, a Norwegian man was attacked with a gun to the mosque near the capital Oslo. For once no one died himself in the attack.

the Man told caught after inspired its corresponding attacks and the 2011 impact factor of ideology. Similar cases have been seen in different parts of the world.

I’m worried. The extreme right rise of such ideology, is normalized. It what was yet in 2011, the striking and peculiar thinking, it is now quite usual, Sletaune said.

that too due to a series of factors you consider important, that nine years ago, forgot what happened.

– young people in Particular it is good to see what violent rhetoric can follow, Johnsen said.

Norwegian drama 22. July viewable on Yle Arena. Yle fem in the series begins with 26. April.

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