The North Rhine-Westphalian security authorities are stepping up their fight against criminal family clans. As in the past few months in Duisburg, Germany, are now also being used in food for special prosecutors against clan crime. The mostly Turkish-Lebanese family gangs committed crimes ranging from racketeering, money laundering and drugs-related crime poison to serious violent crimes with firearms use, said the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the interior Peter Biesenbach (CDU) on Wednesday in Essen.

Pure Burger

Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

F. A. Z.

The town of one of the three “Hotspots for clan crime is next to Berlin and Bremen” in Germany. “There have developed parallel structures and a parallel justice system, the whole population is to decouple parts of the everyday life, as we know it.” To observe a growing rejection of the rule of law. “Have Clans with criminal family strategies success, so that our model of society in the principle in question.”

Over the years had become entrenched criminal structures, which you could only fight with the 2017 pursued a Zero-tolerance policy effectively. In the core it is about the financial sources of the criminal families to dry out. “If the investigations indicate, for example, that of the Lebanese Clans dominated the car is used for money laundering, we will begin there,” said Biesenbach.

The two Essen-based special prosecutors not only cooperate with the police, the tax police, customs and municipal authorities, but also with the Central authority for asset recovery at the Prosecutor General’s office in Hamm. Already in December, had been founded in the Landeskriminalamt in Düsseldorf in addition, a Task Force, the criminal Clans into the visor.